Referendum over, but I Vote Leave?????????????

24 Jun

oil levellitre synthetic oil
Three days ago, the campervan was serviced completely. Today, prior to our bi-monthly pilgrimage to a Shropshire Antiques emporium and with the Referendum result ringing in our ears, I decided to just check the brake fluid level and the oil level as a precaution. Brake fluid level was , if anything, a little overfilled but no issues being felt BUT the engine oil level was sitting absolutely mid way between low and max levels. That is firmly central in the acceptable, safe range. I had however paid a £20 surcharge for premium synthetic, long life and highly protective oil. I would expect that following a service, the engine would have been returned to customer with the level just below max. For the following reasons:
1. To maximise the oil reserve until customer next checks the oil
2. To minimise the stress induced on the oil in protecting the engine
3. T o give reasonable value for the high servicing costs incurred.
I topped up with almost a litre of 5w/30 full synthetic costing about £12. I just could not bring myself to go back to the garage for a third time.
If you couple this with spongy brakes and a brake pedal almost reaching the floor, on collection and the need to return to the garage for rectification, the filthy bootmarks on the driver’s sill ( on my pride and joy) then, sorry, even with amiable and clearly hardworking staff , I am not satisfied with F1 service! I am voting Leave and will be taking my business elsewhere in future.

(must get back to more cheerful postings………)


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