A Father’s day posting to inspire you

19 Jun

offroad camper syncro
Regular visitors to the Blog will know that I adore VW Synchros and the like. Today I found some fantastic YouTube videos from
http://www.campervanculture.com The filming quality is superb with the use of drone and a very willing assistant who will stand , even in snow, to film the approaching Westfalia 4 x 4 !
This guy has got it right ! Who would not want him as your Dad?
I found the film actually moving in parts and there’s lots more. Get a cuppa and settle down for 20 mins and enjoy seeing these happy three. I for one cannot wait to view much much more. This is one link that I am proud to put on the Blog.
see https://youtu.be/QJcoUusTJx0 Dinkum


3 Responses to “A Father’s day posting to inspire you”

  1. laurent June 20, 2016 at 12:06 pm #

    Thank you for your nice blog. I just got an e-NV200 and would like to install a swivelling seat. I have bought the same swivelling base as shown on your blog. Have you actually used this base? Is it the same base used by zoom.biz? They have a complicated mechanism that raises the seat before it can swivel. Is this unavoidable?

    • Dinkum June 20, 2016 at 1:37 pm #

      The base which is shown is a “universal” one which should fit your seat.It is not the same as those used by Zooom at all. Does your seat already have front to rear slide runners? Some passenger seats do not have these as standard. You may therefore also have to purchase a universal front to rear slide so that the seat can be moved backwards and forwards. With the addition of a turntable swivel and the fore and aft runner,depending on which manufacturer’s version you choose, there may just be enough clearance for the seat to swivel over the handbrake in the off positionChock the road wheel and leave in gear if handbrake is off.
      Our campervan had swivel mechanism fitted by the converter and he customised the existing seat components AND cut down the central plastic divider between the seats. The article states that fitting swivels can be a task for an experienced DIY er and you may need more expert advice to complete the job.If it is the passenger seat that you are converting to swivel, it may be that you can cope with additional spacers to lift the seat for clearance. Hope this helps.

      • Dinkum June 20, 2016 at 1:56 pm #

        See the original article on DIY swivels posted May 19th 2013. Just click on the archives to the right of the opening page.

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