FIAMMA awning has arrived.

15 Jun

The awning arrived this morning along with the mounting brackets. I unwrapped it all and checked it out. There are no brackets available for fitting to any NV200 models so I broke all the rules and scaled a few dimensions from a photo of the VW T4 lift roof version and made a judgement by eye of the roof profile on the campervan. I held the brackets in place this morning and it looks a goer. Just a few concerns that the “Rivnut” type threaded sleeves supplied to fit the brackets will miss any internal webbings on the roof “sill” and window surrounds. That apart, the drill IS ready for use. Not seen these “Rivnuts” before so had to search the Web for info. Here is more about their use:
vw t4 lift roof bktrivnut examplerivnut and tool
The fixing tool, rather like a heavy duty pop rivetter gun is quite expensive especially for fixing just six sleeves. So, YouTube came up trumps with details of how to fit them without a special tool.
see and thanks Keith !
I have bought a nice fresh 9mm high speed drill bit to bodge the holes in the roof and all I need now is some decent caravan grade Silicone such as Sika and some dry weather.
More on the actual instalation later. see above for more details


2 Responses to “FIAMMA awning has arrived.”

  1. Geert De Landtsheer June 25, 2016 at 11:54 am #

    very nice, iI just rigged an awning on our EVALIA, photo’s can be seen on FB:

    • Dinkum June 25, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

      Thanks for contacting the Blog ! I have not had chance to pull our awnng out yet! Photos soon.

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