Some things to consider if towing with a campervan

13 Jun

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Regular readers will know that I am a strong advocate of towing a caravan with a campervan. We are not alone although we do not come across many similar outfits on Caravan Club sites.
I have been a Caravan Club member , almost continually for over 4 decades , hence my liking for C.C. sites. Why? Because you know what you will get with the Caravan Club. It’s a bit like buying a MacDonalds or using a Wetherspoons. No surprises. Everything familiar.
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I recently booked a site, online, in order to get together with family members. With the 2 berth caravan and 2 berth campervan we would have enough beds for the 4 of us. Although my son and his spouse would only stay for 3 nights, to make things easy on the slightly inflexible C.C. Website , I booked 4 people for 5 nights. The campervan would purely be used for sleeping and no cooking or electric hook up would be needed.I just booked one pitch, tow “car” and caravan.
honest man
Being an honest man and having thought about it, one pitch booked may not meet the rules. The very rules which make the CC attractive to old fogies like us. We would not infringe the 6 metre rule ( for fire risk and LPG cooking) and we only wanted one EHU but we would have 2 sleeping units on one pitch. Mmmmmmmmmm . Not quite cricket is it? So, I phoned up to book two pitches.No, you cannot book 2 pitches using one member number. OK. my son’s number is…….. No, that’s just a Family Member. Sorry? You will have to either pay the non-member surcharge for 2 people or your son must join for full membership.
Now, I do actually agree with this. It’s what the rules state. It took a bit of time to think it through and my wife still does not “get it”. To use full member’s priveliges you need full membership. So, we have booked 2 pitches as required and agreed to the significant non-member surcharge. I was told that for just myself and the wife, the campervan is treated purely as a tow “car”………………. What if we have an argument when duo “camping” and she sleeps in the campervan?????????????????? Being an honest man, I would insist she wake up the wardens and pay for another pitch. Glad that’s sorted…………………….


3 Responses to “Some things to consider if towing with a campervan”

  1. Martin John mcdowall June 13, 2016 at 5:04 pm #

    To be honest, I would find another non Caravan Club site. We gave up our long standing membership up a few years ago after a lady warden told us our campervan did not have a fixed cooker as we were mid conversion, using a respected convertor. So we were told we could not stay on her site in what she described as a camping car. I promptly dumped the CC and are delighted with the Camping and Caravaning Club, a completely different approach to all things camping. I think the CC needs some real reform as it certainly does not reflect the needs of the modern camper !!! would love to see Elton John and his family book into one of the clubs sites….in his multi-coloured RV !!!!!

    • Dinkum June 13, 2016 at 5:32 pm #

      Unfortunately, I coming round to the same point of view. Before they would book my son in, they asked the year of the campervan and queried the manufacturer even though Drivelodge are an insurance recognised and listed manufacturer. Their website will not accept ticking both campervan and caravan boxes. There are numerous complaints on the web about C.C. rules and the warden interpretation of the rules. I have always supported the wardens.I had to ask for the warden to not be so “sharp” today. Not an easy job at times but catch the wrong one on a bad day…………

  2. Martin John mcdowall June 13, 2016 at 7:35 pm #

    nationwide campaign to modernise the caravan club me thinks!!!!!!!!!! Lots of people IN the club feel the same as us but don’t want to rock the … Caravan… Just think.. DIY conversions, single sex families, pastel coloured vehicles and open bar bees……and a guitar for a good old sing a long the campsite…. Member the song… Hello mother , hello father, camping in, camp Granada……could be the Club Song !!!!!!!, count me in as your first signature,,,

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