Shocking wet weather gets me thinking.

12 Jun

stoddy's hamper

The weather is preventing us “camping”. Currently considering fitting an F35 Fiamma 1.8 metre wind out awning on the campervan. Available on EBay from around £260. Brackets to suit VW T4 add another £40 or so. Shop around, there is a big variation in price. I believe that these brackets would adapt to NV200 but check first !!!!!!! I looked back to Novemeber 12th 2013 at our picnic for four and we should shortly be doing a re-run. The hamper above is the M&S one being used today at the Queen’s street party outside Buckingham Palace. I have named the pic “Stoddy’s” hamper in honour of our friend, neighbour and kitten carer. He and his lovely wife deserve another outing “au Van” avec “Vin” ! A wind out awning would provide cover for an outside serving table and a couple of chairs. It would also give a covered link between campervan and caravan. For day van use it gives much needed shade at the beach, forest or layby. Safari sides are also available but we have not priced these up or sourced any as yet.
You can read about the original picnic by selecting November 2013 in the archives listed to the right on the opening page.
hastings cliff railway
Also planned is a trip to Hastings. Tour de France is taking a back seat again this year with yet another change in plan. At least the TV coverage is extensive. We will not be able to emulate our heroes , actually on French soil but it gives inspiration to watch TV coverage whilst on the exercise bike.

Also trying to get around to final filtering my Biodiesel. The campervan is due for a service very soon and the domestic worklist is not getting much shorter.

“STOP PRESS”    Decided that with the savings made by not jumping a Ferry to France we should go ahead and order a Fiamma F35 Pro 1.8m wind out awning and brackets. There are no dedicated fixings availabe for the NV200 so a set for VW T4 “Lift Roof” are on their way. I will publish how to fit it (fingers crossed) later. The awning was £260 and the brackets £49 inclusive. A tasteful ( methinks….) grey and silver finish


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