Kent, Chartwell House and the E.U. Referendum

23 May

chartwell hse fish pondchurchill at chartwell house

Recently visited Chartwell House in Kent. The family home of Sir Winston Churchill, who died in 1965. But before I get a bit political again, (sorry…….) some advice again on windout awning for the NV200. FIAMMA do an F35 Pro at about 1.9 metres which suits the shorter than VW T4/5 ., NV200 much better. The fixings for VW T4 could probably be adapted to suit but cannot guarentee this.Please check first.

Now, back to the Great Man himself. If you need guidance on how to vote in the forthcoming “Stay” or “Leave” , “EU Referendum” then may I suggest that you search for Churchill’s Wise Sayings on your favourite search engine. Spend some time and I am sure that you will be moved, motivated and inspired in your decision making. He speaks from experience about good friends and bad, democracy and making very difficult and big decisions.I do not advocate anything that he said, decades ago, that can now be considered racist (or hijacked and misquoted to be so!) I refer to his determination to maintain freedom in the main. Not saying anymore but it worked for me!

chartwell hse 3chartwell hse wisteria 2

Chartwell House has beautiful gardens and the house itself is a joy to view. The National Trust has done a great job in presenting England at it’s best. Whilst there we encountered a delightful old German lady whose relative had served under Rommel. She asked questions about almost every painting, photograph and artifact. It was interesting to see her fascination with Winston Churchill. We also visited Scotney Castle.

scotney old castle The old and the new:

scotney castle hse A distant view of the house built above the old site. The old Castle was deliberately ruined to create a “Folly” in the grounds……………. strewth ! Wouldn’t an old Church window frame from Drew  and a brickwork corner have sufficed?

Again , a stunning place to visit and so different from previous N.T. properties we have seen.

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