Do you want to register your conversion?

20 May

The DVLA will re-register your conversion as a Motor Caravan subject to it’s list of requirements. Martin sent in this link which will be valid for the next 20 odd days from now. Be quick and have a listen to the problems somebody had re-registering a converted bus.

minibusautocruise tempo

If we each drew our impression of a motorhome they would all be very different. There appears to be little correlation between our ideas on motor home, motor caravan, campervan and van conversion. The DVLA work within a legalised framework but who makes the judgement at the DVLA whether or not your conversion has the appearance of a motorhome?

Above we see a rural minibus and below that a stunning Autocruise Tempo. Makes you think doesn’t it?

Some people want a stealth campervan that looks very van-like. That’s freedom of choice. Others want to insure as a motor caravan and need that DVLA approval. I bet that you could get away with simply painting on the service access hatches and a catchy name for a motorhome. Like Nevada perhaps. A bit too subjective for me.



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