East to the Peak District today

14 May

axe edge may 2016axe edge may 2016 4

Near to Axe Edge, on the road from Leek to Buxton, in the Staffordshire Moorlands ,lays an old stretch of road. A “U” shaped detour into the hillside, it used to be a favourite road rally route in the days of 12 car Rallies and “adjusted” clocks…. ahem….. With the Bi-Oscars relayed to all be on together and a huge alternator installed, you would see the light pick out the deep chasm within the hairpin, then the hillside itself before shining east over the moorlands far below as you roared right, towards The Roaches and the Winking witch. I once helped recover a Mk I  Escort Mexico which rolled off Axe Edge itself. Roll cage kept both occupants alive but the navigator had all his biscuits crushed! The big arches on the Mexico didn’t fair well either!

Today we had lunch in the camper just where the new road cuts short the route, bypassing that marvellous bit of dangerous tarmac. We had visited what turned out to be a disappointingly high end fine art fair at the Pavillion.Much more peaceful! I bored the wife silly over a hot chocolate and pastry snack, with my tales of Rallying of Yore! She eventually hid behind today’s newspapers. I swear that I could smell Castrol “R” in the Kampa!

cat and fiddle

The Goyt valley and the Cat and Fiddle pass are not far from Buxton. The Goyt is a must visit if you have a campervan. If you have a motorcycle then the Cat and Fiddle is a challenging ride if you can dodge the cameras, the unmarked Police vehicles and sometimes the helicopter. Beware, it has claimed many lives over the last few decades.


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