Another wet day’s outing to Erddig and Bryn-Y-Grog Hill

11 May


erddig shire horses

In between showers, we viewed the old Yorke family cars and the Shire Horses. One car was under restoration and I got the urge to grab a handful of wet and dry and start “sanding”. It does not look too big a job and it did bring out the petrol head aspect of my (anorak ?) personality.

Two young ladies were taking the opportunity of a dry spell to brush two of the beautiful Shire horses kept at Erddig. One was using a “detangle” spray whilst brushing a tail. It smelt like Febreeze and I asked what it was. A lady next to me commented on how pleasant it smelt. Without thinking, I joked to my wife that it was a long time since I asked a horse what perfume it was wearing. The crowd of people must of heard my comment and erupted in laughter. When the tittering died down, the adjacent Lady said that she would “keep her eye on me!”…………why not ?? Everyone else does!

We munched our Shropshire pasty and cheese slice, which we had bought from the organic bakers in Woore, in the Kampa and then had a look around the inside of the house. The house never had full electrics installed and it was a little too dark. The volunteers , however, made up for this and we enjoyed a dramatised monologue from a delightful and knowledgeable lady and then had a lengthy chat with a very amiable chap about cats, living alone and the fact that Erddig had little supernatural activity. The Yorke males were vegetarian and teetotal. I was disappointed to see that they did not have significantly longer lives. It just seemed that way to them perhaps?

bryn-y-grog-hall antiques             On the way home, my wife would not let me drive past the Antiques Emporium at Bryn-Y-Grog. One large coffee tin and yet another garden plant later we sloshed home through the rain. Damp but happy from another enjoyable Kampa day out.


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