April weather and NV200 tyre wear

27 Apr

april sleet

Since postponing a trip to Angelsey we have had frosts, windy conditions ,adding to the chill factor, heavy rain and today, sleet and snow. Yesterday, we had a thunder storm.On 20th April 2015, we were on the beach on the West Coast of Angelsey with dozens of people in their swimming cossies, sunbathing. What a difference a year makes.

Found some rather disturbing posts on the Internet concerning rear tyre wear and poor axle /wheel alignment.  see   http://nv200forum.com/5-nissan-nv200-general-discussion/2650-excessive-tire-wear-bad-axle.html  or just google  axle problems NV200

nv200 axle

Most problems seem to be in the USA., but their version of the NV200 may have differences. Nissan do seem to have admitted some problems and recall is mentioned in some posts. Some axles seem to be made with alignment issues. This alledgedly results in tyre wear to edge of tyres but also what the Americans call “cupping” which I assume to be the centre of the tread wearing excessively.Apparently there is a shimming kit available in the U.S., but no built in rear wheel adjustment in USA or UK.

I admit that I have not been over impressed with tyre life on my Kampa, especially as I drive like the grandad that I am and not , as my older friends will claim, like the turbo nutter *******  that I once was.



2 Responses to “April weather and NV200 tyre wear”

  1. Shaun jamieson June 12, 2016 at 11:47 am #

    I have same problem
    Had my van 6 months
    First tyre wore after 2 months
    Put car tyre on
    It seemed OK
    Until yesterday when I got all 4 tyres done
    The one that wore down on inside
    Has wore down again
    Can’t put new tyre on every 4 thousand miles
    Have emailed Nissan
    So hope they do something as this is definitely a design fault
    I thought we first tyre is was swooped from front and never noticed
    So stuck on car tyre
    Till I got new load rated ones ordered
    Now it cost me £280 a year to drive if it keeps eating tyres every 4 thousand miles

  2. Dinkum June 12, 2016 at 12:26 pm #

    Hi Shaun, certainly in the USA., it does seem to have been accepted that there is an issue with some axles from new. Not sure that this applies to UK as the axles may or may not come from the same source. I badly squeezed my nearside wheel against a curb and when I had the tracking checked , sure enough the tracking was out and no adjustment possible! I have just the one tyre on rear LHS which has lasted over 13,500 miles.I changed it before it became illegal and the tyre fitter said it was OK to keep running it, but it looked bald inside the arch from the pavement. I suggest chasing Nissan and mention the problem highlighted in the USA. There are loads of cases to be seen by just searching the web.

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