Accuracy of weather forecasts

6 Apr

weather girl

Call me cynical but I am wondering how much butt covering is going on during the forecast discussions to “protect” forecasters from flood, hurricane and 100 year weather events victims.Our recent forecasts have consistently been very pessimistic to say the least. We could have enjoyed 5 or 6 days away in reasonably fine conditions but rather naively we chose to listen to the doom and gloom mongers and did not take off with the full camping tackle.

Accurate forecasts are an essential part of getting away in the campervan. Here is one of the best websites to try:

weather models

Anyway, we are taking an old rambler friend’s advice and ignoring the forecasts.RIP., Mike.  Buying some decent outdoor walking attire and going for it. Still checking out the weathergirls but not necessarily listening too closely!


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