Some pics of our Elddy

14 Mar

elddy 2elddy 3

Had a few requests to see a tour of our “Elddy”. Soon to be fitted with new tyres . Wheel bearings checked out and brakes OK. Almost ready to roll in earnest.

elddy 5elddy lounge

The only faults found are the two, matching, little “dings”, one on each side. Possibly prods from awning poles? Oh, and a “wing ding” on one alloy which probably resulted in a tyre swap. One tyre turned out to be a 2012 not 2010 as reported by naughty contractor… Here are said dings:

elddy ding 1elddy ding 2

On a more pleasant note, the TV and aerial work really well,even in our terrible reception area. Not got every channel but enough to satisify that Gogglebox urge. Will take the mini Sat Dish on longer trips away for now.

IMG_0923elddy fridge wardrobe

There is a foldup table in the wardrobe but to save weight we may just use the freestanding one from the campervan. There are two blown air vents. One near the main door and one in the lounging area. Nothing in the shower room surprisingly.

elddy shower cornerelddy shower room

elddy kitchelddy heki

The kitchen has a 3 burner hob, grill and oven. Large basin and water as hot as you choose. There is plenty of light from the tall side window and the Heki roof vent. Altogether, a proper little home from home. Compared to our previous Microlite though , it feels big to us. Watching how we load it. Spare wheel now in the gas locker. The security devices are not that light and even the “lightweight” E-Mover comes in at 22kg. Unlike my natural body type (Endomorph…… Deffo !) I like to run lean and mean. LOL



One Response to “Some pics of our Elddy”

  1. Martin j mcdowall March 14, 2016 at 8:59 am #

    Van looks great Duncan. My son sometimes fits small circular surface “vents” on dings or pulls them out with a body puller if the customer does not like like the dings. We have just had to move our leisure battery right to the front bed locker to get some decent noseweight on the van , what a difference and I think as important as any weight concerns, as van sits on the towball with a slight nose down attitude, still in line with noseweights. weather is picking up here in Scotland so I’m sure you will be out on the open road soon. ENJOY.

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