Motor Mover fitted

11 Mar


On Thursday, the contracter came and fitted the new motor mover to our replacement caravan. Although the supplier knew the caravan model well in advance, there was a bit of a panic from the fitter because the mover(s) had to go behind the wheel rather than in front. This was due to the design of the BPW chassis.Standard fitment for Elddis. Anyway, using drop plates which I apparently could have been charged £75 for?, a good job was done in less than 2 hours. The cross connection behind the wheels did mean that the spare wheel carrier had to go and the spare tyre now resides in the gas cupboard. I intended running light on gas bottles anyway, preferring to use just one bottle so not a big issue, but it could have been if we intended using two larger gas bottles. We almost always use electrical hookup and it just makes sense to use that form of power for hot water and heating.I tried out the mover and it works just fine, as described. Although new to me, these movers seem almost universal now. Definately essential on our frontage with it’s sloping access. True to form, despite the warning from the fitter, I managed to bash the top of my right foot ,Victor Meldrew style when I disconnected the spring loaded mover from the tyres. That operating handle can catch you out faster than the till in Open all Hours! Oh, the other thing mentioned was the age of the tyres. The spare is unused, dated 2013 but the other two are originals, dated 2010 probably correct for our 2011 model. So now, under the latest 5 years old and swap ’em rule, I have two new ones on order for peace of mind. Just imagine, what the insurers following an incident could say if your tyres are older than the advice allows for. One website says change at 3 years old ! with 5 years maximum. I have not as yet found any hard scientific, engineering, evidence that this is needed. Just some “statistical” unsupported statements from those with vested interests.




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