Checks almost completed on the Elddis

4 Mar

nv200 vs bongo

The photo shows the NV200 parked next to a lovely Mazda Bongo. Not a huge difference in size. I believe that the swivelling cab seats in the NV200 actually offer some advantage over the Bongo but then I am biased. One things for certain though, the efficient Renault  engine and very low frontal area means that “solo” , the Nissan can achieve much better fuel efficiency than the Mazda. The Bongo is a lovely vehicle to drive. Auto versions with the bigger engines are particularly pleasant.

It is a remnder though, that with the hugely increased frontal area of the Elddis caravan compared to the super Eco Freedom Microlite will mean that there is a price to pay for the new found luxury of the Xplore 302. We achieved just 30mpg bringing it home from Halifax. We could get 44mpg regularly with the Microlite behind the campervan. I may do some maths to compare real costs per mile.

elddis pikup m1

Today, in between wintery showers, we coupled up the gas bottle and made sure that the hot water, blown air heating, cooker, hob and grill all worked well using gas. It really does feel like a sophisticated place to be. The caravan has only had one owner before us and has obviously seen only light usage. It is as described in the advert from the dealer. How refreshing !

Solo, the campervan offers huge scope for days out away from the caravan base. Good economy, compact dimensions and useful kit onboard, make for a low stress outing in those narrow lanes in Cornwall, Wales and Scotland. Can hardly wait to put the campervan to good use in the Spring!


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