Checking out the Elddis

3 Mar


Security devices fitted and discovered the CRIS markings on the windows too. (Thanks for pointing out this feature Martin.) Only thing to be checked out now is all the gas fueled equipment. The electrical heating and hot water all works well. Had to remove and clean a rear sidelight bulb and re-insert a  push in water pipe fitting under the washbasin. Ready to commence a big spring clean of the bodywork. There is evidence of careful usage. Even the toilet cassette does not seem to have been removed and refitted many times. One wall cupboard door catch needs adjustment. The TV/DVD fits nicely and I cannot believe how good the aerial is. Even in our poor reception area the picture quality is very good indeed.

On the campervan, I noticed that a tyre wear check may be needed for peace of mind. The tread depth at the edge of these Michelin tyres was not very deep to start with. I also took out the dash cam cards to re-format and sod’s law applies, I missed a super dangerous near miss, in the village when a lady driver came straight out into our path on a bend without ever looking in our direction. Full on emergency braking and swerving onto the wrong side of the road, narrowly avoided a big coming together. All this and no dash cams live! Just confirms to me how valuable these devices are but you have to keep on top of them 24/7

kampa rear camera


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