Gratuitous sexy VW Photo

21 Feb

samba eriba combo

While we wait a short period for the caravans to be physically swapped (see the following 2 posts below) , here is a photo of a very lovely and desirable VW Samba with an equally beautiful Eriba Puck. What a magnificent combo. Now, would you dress in 60s flairs, grow a bandito mustache and get your loved one back into mini skirts to re-live that wonderful decade or perhaps go “Happy Days” style, back to the 50s for that woodland picnic. It just makes you want to drive away does it not ? Inspiring ! I would love to own this outfit ! Risking an upset from the Vee Dub purists, If it has not already got one fitted, I would track down an air cooled Porsche 911 2.4 , preferably an “E” engine and pop it in the back. Fab, just Fab Man!



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