Just been reminded why we originally chose Microlite

20 Feb

winterhoff hitch lockwheel-clamp

The old Freedom Microlite was not really worth enough to justify caravan insurance, but the replacement Elddis probably is. The insurance companies seem to want a variety of security products fitted whenever your back is turned. One or two actually desired 24/7 security guards for the storage area. Personally, I would have thought that a “crazy” elderley farmer with 12 bore and twitchy hands would be enough, quite apart from Mad Max rolling barricade and dogs running free…………….. Anyhoo !!! I do need some security products and they are not cheap. Then for a more modern caravan you will need these:

wastehogaqua roll

The Microlite functioned beautifully with two 10 litre water bottles and a couple of old style waste water containers. Oh, if you want these fitted for a cool   £950 or so:

powrtouch evo m If your leisure battery is showing signs of gathering dust then you can add:

leisure battery

You have not finished just yet, the insurers also like to see alarm system, tracker, wheel locking products etc. I am thinking of living in the Elddis just to keep my premium sensible. I bet that, even with all of these you may still hear a sucking through the teeth from the robbers (sorry Insurers !)  and they will want your photo printing on the caravan roof in high viz colours!

Is it too late to turn back to our friendly little Eco Trailer? Yes, a handshake goes a long way in this household. So that’s a big no.Seriously though, joking apart, there are serious financial implications in swapping away from these little classic caravan gems. Let’s hope that the actual improvement in comfort etc is worth all the effort. 

On a lighter note, our old 1960s caravanning friend, Jack Moffatt, “Moff”., for his waste water, used a plastic bucket with a hole drilled 3/4 of the way up the side, so that it never needed emptying! Not very sociable, not eco friendly or Caravan Club complient…………. but funny as hell !





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