Just returned from London once more

2 Feb

london zoo tiger

Had a very windblown return trip from London yesterday. The cross winds South of Birmingham were amongst the most suddenly violent I have experienced. We had another long weekend and had two grand tours of the City. Being driven by someone else was a massive treat! Saw many of the big tourist draws in passing. London Zoo was a great experience and despite grey skies, the rain held off the entire day apart from a short spell whilst we had lunch indoors.

On the way down last Thursday, the Dartford crossing bridge had been reduced to just one lane due to a collision. The road  required resurfacing so we took the M11 from the M25 and then onwards via the Blackwall Tunnel. If you are heading for S East London, this can be a viable alternative, I discovered. 

london zoo otters

This bird appeared to be lining up the otters for tuition of some sort. They can all fish really well, so I wonder if it was for a flying lesson?

village nv200

Following a family birthday celebration in Dulwich, I parked up in a loading zone and the campervan came in for lots of interest as we took away helium ballons, booze, food and lovely gifts. I had to give some “tours” of the Kampa and the QR codes even came in for some attention. So, if you are reading this from following the QR code, thanks for your interest!

The pic is historic and not from this weekend.


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