Getting ready for cycling from the Campervan

26 Jan


Having cut out alcohol completely until my B.M.I. differs from that of the Pilsbury dough man, I have started using my exercise bike to try to get ready for Spring holidays. I have fitted a frame to the exercise bike to take the Laptop and it looks not unlike this Peloton machine above, Except mine is in white. I also fitted a cheap, wi-fi cycle computer, calibrated to the flywheel size to show distance and  speed. Gardening wire can come in useful.I think that the Peloton machine comes with all singing, all dancing technology but mine is much cheaper but screwed together solidly. Essential…. for my “build”

To make it less boring, I listen to music and watch “virtual” cycle trails as I pedal. Up to now I have used my favourite trail around Lac de Maine thanks to YouTube but intend trying trails from Cape Cod Canal and if I can find one, a ride around Mohonk Mountain, NY State.

cape cod canal     Cape Cod Canal

mohonk bike trail    Mohonk Mountain

My kids have challenged me to get into shape for mid-year as a last ditch effort to stave off  “old campervan man” syndrome. How very dare they!


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