Out and about. Biodiesel and NV200

20 Jan

flooding river dee holt

Recently visited Frodsham in Cheshire and Wrexham in North Wales. Here is a picture of the River Dee in flood near Holt, close to Wrexham. There was a surprising number of caravanners and motor homes pitched up despite the very cold weather and localised floods. It was so cold after walking around that we left the gas heating on and used the engine heating for just top up. The cab gets warmed from every angle.

With my Master Chemist son elsewhere, our bio-diesel “plant” is sitting dismantled in the shed. Must get it up for sale on EBay. If you are interested contact me via the comments box and I will email the details. Come to think of it, I should post the photos on the Blog. It may be of interest?

I have a couple of hundred litres of washed, dried and processed Bio-Diesel made from vegetable oil, ready to use. All I need to do is pump it into the tank via my super expensive filter system to give a last “polish” before use.

I would use it at around a 20% mix in diesel. Hard facts on the internet are difficult to find and judge but based on past experience with a late model  Fiat 2.3 Turbo Diesel  and the superb economy we got using Bio-Diesel, it may be worth a trial in the NV200. Any Couriers reading this with experience on NV200????

popular mechanics biodiesel

Something like this pic from popular mechanics. Pretty sure that my clean stock would also fire up my neighbour’s oil fired central heating but he’s not keen to try it , even as a test.


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