A recommendation for using water

1 Dec

ring 12v camping shower

This is a “Ring” brand water pump, shower head and 12 volt battery box available on ebay from less than £20 delivered. I cannot recommend these enough. We have had one in our caravan for over 3 years and only changed it once. It has been used heavily in wet room conditions. You can use betteries ( which works well for a couple of our daily use) or plug into the leisure battery. The pump is very powerful, much better than the expensive “caravan dealer” supplied pump in the campervan. I keep the terminals in the battery box sprayed with WD40 or similar and empty any condensation or water ingress on return home. We use the shower head as a tap and remove it for hand held showering. The pump once blocked with a piece of grit from the water bottle or scale from the kettle but a quick shake put it right. Do not spend big money from the caravan accessory shop. Just get one of these and adapt it for your use.

We shower daily when using the Freedom Microlite caravan. see it on YouTube here    https://youtu.be/nSRHU2b70-k

Martin has sent in a very interesting link to a Blog relating to a self built VW and it’s extensive travels . Just have a look at this. It does make you want to leave home   http://therollinghome.tumblr.com/




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