What’s needed in a Self Build campervan? continued from post below

30 Nov


Keeping warm matters. If you intend to camp out early and late in the year or you are an all year round “vanner” then some form of heating is needed in my opinion. Most DIY and self build Bloggers fit insulation in the cavities of the van walls to retain costly warmth and help reduce condensation. Fitting insulation can be a time consuming and hit and miss procedure. You don’t want to create “cold spots” of uninsulated zones which will focus formation of damp areas but it’s not going to be easy.

If you use campsites with electric hook ups, then by far the easiest route is a small electric heater of one type or another. LPG heating starts to become expensive very quickly. Starting with flued standing heaters like this Trumatic:

trumatic gas heater

Blown air heaters consume electricity for the fan but give a nice all encompassing warmth through th habitation area and cab. Ours is all 12v and brilliant. If you are spending that much (several hundred ££££s) do you go that bit further and include hot water in the package? We didn’t and have no regrets. A kettle heats quickly on the gas hob.

Diesel blown air heating is very convenient (we have used this before) but can be expensive for long winter evenings and if you worry about draining your vehicle tank too low. I have heard comments about them being noisy but ours was not. Just a lovely tiny jet engine noise on initial startup.

propex heatersmev gas hob and basin

Quite a large number of viewers want their campervan to have a stealth appearance so as not to attract attention when wild camping. Building in flues, vents and exhausts detracts from this low key appearance. In a “stealth” campervan, you may want to fit a waste grey water CAK tank or similar so that draining waste from any washbasin or sink does not give away occupation. It’s beginning to sound like a stakeout or military operation, but to some people it is important.

Lots to think about and we have not even discussed the different types, brands and suppliers of any equipment.


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