Aspirations, real needs and best wishes. What does a campervan provide?

30 Nov


Please have a look at Ryans’ comments in the post below this one. He is a very experienced campervan user, estimating  a whopping 1500 nights done! I have nowhere near this figure including both caravans and campervans, only achieving about one third of that time kipping in a “tin box” of one type or another. It’s going to be interesting to see what his forthcoming self build NV200 will be like. For the newer Blog readers, I am having a look back at that “bare van” moment when you have to plan what it is that you want from your campervan. Here, above is our base vehicle. You don’t need those alloy wheels, so straightaway we spent money on aspirational things not actually required. (Still love ’em though !)

Some essentials (?) :

  • A bed.
  • Something to wash in.
  • Something to provide privacy.
  • Light for night time.
  • A means to keep warm.
  • A method for heating food and drink (?)
  • A CO monitor.

Please comment below with your ideas.


perceptionsYou have to start somewhere. We made a rough sketch to scale to see if we could fit  our needs into an NV200. You can. One of my mates initially did not think there was space to lay down in the back of the base vehicle!

We also made paper and card cutouts of the things we wanted to fit in and a few “jigsaw” puzzles later we had re-invented the wheel with a “VW” side cupboard type layout.

But you may desire, say, a log burner, in a much bigger space, but the planning process will be the same. Your decisions will affect your costs. For example, we decided that in such a compact space, use of the cab seats would help in using the available space. So, we went for both seats to swivel. Many contributors, however, have been more than happy to have just the passenger seat to swivel and some, no swivelling at all!

capital seating universal swivel baseKDR seat rails for for and aft adjustment

On Guy Martin’s TV program  last night, he showed a heavily engineered bottle to pee in ,which was good enough for the iconicVulcan bomber. On ebay you can find both “he” and “she” pee bottles for next to nothing. An old sweetie jar is even cheaper. Just don’t fall down on it! We had the desire, space and funds for one of these:

porta potti

Do you need a fridge? What about a chiller?

coolboxelyboatchandler waeco cr-50


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