A retrospective review of the NV200 campervan

27 Nov

lunar loungelunar bed

Having recently spoken to people in the very competitive van conversion trade and heard their opinions on some of the NV200 conversions available, my views have changed a little.

For us, although we had the capability to create our own DIY campervan, we lacked the workshop/garage space that we once had, so we bought a new van and had Drivelodge convert it for us. We are still glad of that decision.

From what we have heard, however, the Lunar Vacanza, for example, has not been a runaway success.That’s it above. Despite a name change, an accompanying trailer intro and a price cut, the Vacanza has not sold in huge numbers. The revolutionary inflatable bed may have put many potential buyers off. From what I can judge, you would have to have the doors open to put the mattress in place. What about rain, darkness, wind or hostile location? Over £30k originally, I believe.

The Nissan NV200 IS a feasible, one vehicle, alternative to a car. We have now done over 30,000 miles and found total practicality, ease of usage, economy and instant availability of the habitable features of our campervan. I am somewhat surprised that the NV200 has not become much more , THE choice for a compact campervan. Now here’s the rub…

From the feedback which I have received on the Blog, most people do not want to spend £26k to £32k on an all new, ready converted package. The popular interest appears to be in self conversions.

Pre-used NV200 vans with full service history are available at value for money prices. A pop top roof (IF you want one.) is available at reasonable price, especially if you shop around on the internet. I am not totally convinced that you even  HAVE to have a pop top!!! If you have some DIY skills, some tools and lots of creativity, you can put together a campervan for minimum money and have the pleasure of saying, ” we made that ourselves.”

To all those who have been in touch with their self build queries , I say, more power to your elbow! Please let us know how you are progressing. Do you know where to source those hard to find materials and what have you? Please share the info on here via the comments boxes on the Blog. If I can get enough information, I will try to collate it on the Blog for use as a reference point for NV200 owners.


3 Responses to “A retrospective review of the NV200 campervan”

  1. Ryan November 28, 2015 at 9:11 am #

    Yes – the Lunar one is a strange beast. As experienced campervanners (c. 1500 nights) it was obvious it wasn’t suitable for us. Far too many issues…
    Some other branded ones look okay, but none as we wanted.
    For self builders, the price for a new van is bargain cheap – from Oct 2015 they now have 5yr warrantee which was the deciding factor for us, so brand new Tekna spec for cr*p car money. On order, ETA March 2016
    Our build HOPES to be professional quality – its easy (in my head) – I’m sure its tougher in the real world lol.
    To get that level of finish with full new spec things (windows, heater, fridge, insulation, hob, and the tools to do it), we reckon £8k in bits. We will keep a track of costs for any future builders. This should mean a fully kitted with every mod con should give change from £22k – which for a new vehicle of this spec is fair.
    Watch this space.
    Build manual will be on http://www.doyourdream.co.uk/nv-200-self-build-campervan-index/ – but clearly no movement till March/April next year.

    Appreciate some ideas from this blog, some we’ll copy 🙂

    • Dinkum November 28, 2015 at 8:30 pm #

      Sounds like a good plan. It is very similar to what we had done but at a saving of more than £4,000 if the budget comes in. I agree, it’s a bargain price for a high spec., economic and practical campervan. Keep us informed and we will respond whenever possible. Thanks for commenting !

      • Ryan December 8, 2015 at 1:14 pm #

        The budget doesn’t include labour! Must be in the 100s of hours of research and planning, but that’s half the fun. Lots of tools and bits arriving- custom control panel and loo – but the fun wont start till next year. The BIG issues are: Getting the van and making sure its not a lemon before we start; getting a bed made…. Everything else fits around the bed.

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