Campervanning in Autumn

9 Nov

autumn sheringham parkWhat changes when caravanning or campervanning in Autumn? Older and/or more experienced “campers” will know the answers but for any newcomers to this , some common sense thinking may be of help.

The daylight hours are much shorter. If you settle down in your ‘van at dusk you may have a significant 7 hours or so to kill before beddy byes. Some sites, even now, require extra-long hook up cables, especially if you are looking to definately get a satellite TV signal in wooded areas. We have been caught out by this in the past.

We are far more likely in Autumn and Winter to take our satellite TV kit with us. In summer we often do not even take the TV with us. A camping sat TV kit can be bought for around £80 or less. Ours works really well. Just remember when pitching to obtain a clear view of the sky to the South east in order to get a good signal. With practice , it takes little time to get set up and locate a signal.

We fit our sat dish to a small pole attached to the jockey wheel. the suction cup fittings with most kits, in my opinion are not really up to the job.

To fill those long hours of darkness, we , being old and old fashioned, also take a tiny DVD player. Our laptop can also show films from digital sources. A radio is nice for news updates, pre breakfast etc.

For maximum return on site fees, a small electrical heater (ours is 900w max) is ideal, keeping the microlite caravan very cosy. Gas blown air heating on the Kampa van is cheap to run with refillable LPG and at 2 kW, easily keeps us warm, even with the pop top erected.

On longer breaks, we cut down the time in the ‘van by eating out at a pub. A leisurely dinner date can easily erode a couple of hours. Also with 24 hour shopping, we shop at supermarkets after dark which also shortens a Wintery night. Keep the daylight hours for more fun activities.

It’s sensible to “service” your water bottle(s), porta potty and grey water waste before it gets dark. We brighten up the interior camping experience with small , low wattage but attractive lamps and shades. Much more relaxing than a flourescent strip light. (Our caravan is 1996 vintage remember)

The kampa van is all LED plus spotlights and has much better factory fit lighting.

One last thing, don’t forget that golden oldie, a hot water bottle. Cold tootsies are a thing of the past!

It goes without saying that to run out of alcohol and snacks whilst camping is a total sin……….


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