A last look at an alternative caravan before modding the Microlite

29 Oct

trigano rubis exampletrigano rubis 310

Before starting to modify our Microlite caravan we decided to view a Trigano Rubis 310 similar to that shown above. We were impressed with a new Silver 310 at the NEC but it was a whapping £16k plus. The dealer failed to call us back so we set off anyway , having an alternative visit close to the dealer site. The dealer was open and gave no excuse or apology for not phoning back to let us know a viewing was possible??????????????

The “shower” room had no shower lead or hot water and needed replumbing to achieve what was claimed in the advert. There was LESS space to shower in the Trigano than in our converted Microlite.I think that the shower tray was just a drain for a stand up “sink wash”, certainly not a wet proof door. Goodness me, it took a very short time for me to fit a drip cover on the microlite door!  The sofas were huge and offered good upholstery and comfortable lounging. There was much more storage cupboard space at eye level but the underseat storage was even mor difficult to access than in the Microlite due to the very long lids under the equally long seat cushions. Further hindered by the long table, this reinforced our ideas on what we were planning on the Microlite.

Although a power mover was fitted, the lack of any heating or hot water, plus the need to start modifying to get it to what we wanted was very offputting. Sticking cupboard fastenings, a damaged wall clip and no decorative curtains killed off any desire to purchase. The blinds did provide good privacy but for atmoshere and to soften the interior, my wife would have wanted some fabrics over the windows.

So now we have seen two or three motorhomes and a similar number of caravans. I just feel more decisive than ever to stick with the campervan and just improve on the  existing caravan to enhance what we are doing already. Even if we spend generously on some modifications, it will still be much much cheaper than physically swapping to an alternative. It’s a bit like giving your favourite cute pet a nice grooming and shampoo treatment. You can certainly spend a great deal on some of the motorhomes and caravans available and still not get exactly what you would like, in my opinion and some of the design and engineering leave a lot to be desired.




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