Scottish Trip Day seven and eight.

21 Oct


With the weather extremely calm and mild, we took a “scorched earth” approach to potential midge attack on my wife and she wore wristbands and her clothes and headgear sprayed with “agent orange” insect repellant(s). We did not want to see her hospitalised with reaction to insect bite again! We set off for the hills around Lochgoilhead and had virtually a midge free couple of days hillwalking.

circular path eastcircular path east one

First day we did a circular walk on the east side of the Loch, climbing about half way to the highest point of the surrounding mountain. Great exercise and fantastic views. The second day, we were on the West side of the Loch and reached the scenic waterfall above Lochgoilhead. A much higher and steeper climb.

west path waterfallswest path below the falls

We met a friendly Scottish couple from Warwick who were moving back to Glasgow. They chatted to us for some time whilst their two dogs played around on the steep forested hillside. The Forestry commision had put in a picnic table with superb views over the valley. A fabulous, energetic couple of days!


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