Scottish Trip Day Nine. Loch Lomond

21 Oct

loch lomond cruiseinversnaid hotel

We drove to Loch Lomond and I pointed out the old road below Rest and be Thankful. Somewhere at home I have Betamax footage of old RAC Rallies run on this mountain road. Pretty sure that one video features Michelle Mouton (the gorgeous and extremely capable, French lady) in a 500hp short wheelbase Audi Quattro. Group B ! Where art thou ????

michelle mouton 1985 1985

We booked the trip across Loch Lomond and lunch at the Inversnaid Hotel. Despite a few issues, which the helpful staff sorted quickly , we had an enjoyable lunch. Some pensioners from Glasgow had made the boat trip great fun, helped along by Magners cider and a wee dram. Warm, amiable people who seemed genuinely interested in us. The hotel had previously been known as the Achray Hotel.

inversnaid hotel and fallsachray hotel

To be honest, I thought that a boat trip on Loch Lomond would be “touristy” . It was far, far, better than just that. A memorable and visually stunning experience. Scotland is one of THE most atmospheric and enjoyable places to holiday. Scotland……. we shall be back again. Soon.

kampa rhumhor lodge

The Kampa, ready to leave Rhumhor Lodge, Carrick Castle, Loch Goil. The trip home took us less than 6 hours. Sad to leave but loaded down with memories!


2 Responses to “Scottish Trip Day Nine. Loch Lomond”

  1. Martin mcdowall October 22, 2015 at 6:24 pm #

    Really enjoyed reading about your wee Scottish trip. The weather here has turned but you have certainly encouraged us to venture over that way in the Spring. I’m glad it was a success and I’m sure we will see you over the border again. cheers from Martin and libby in scotland.

    • Dinkum October 23, 2015 at 6:28 am #

      Thanks Folks. Everyone we met in Scotland made us feel welcome. Not least your goodselves at Troon ! We look forward to meeting again! With thanks !

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