A celebratory Sunday trip out

18 Oct

croft castle

To celebrate our wedding anniversary we headed south on the A49 to Croft Castle near to Leominster in Hereford. There were lots of bikers, caravanners, sports cars and fellow day trippers , all enjoying the yellow autumn sunshine. Just beautiful. On the way down we dived off the A49 to have a closer look at Ludlow. A super town ,well worth visiting. We shall definately be going back there to focus on Ludlow itself.


Ludlow. The bridge over the river reminded me of Llangollen, another favourite spot.

As we left Croft Castle we had a look around the quaint little Church adjacent. With absent friends from all those years ago, at our wedding, I lit a candle in their memory.

The sat nav said that Berrington Hall, another National Trust property was just 8 minutes away. We set out to catch “last orders” for a tour around. The Hereford countryside was still and quiet. Everywhere we went there was the faint smell of woodsmoke. Wondeful!

berrington hall

Berrington Hall differed from Croft Castle. Berrington, with it’s marble furniture and pillars seemed a world away from the 1920s rooms at Croft Castle. I preferred Croft, my wife preferred Berrington. Perhaps that’s part of sticking together for all this while. (My looking like George Clooney at his best is the main reason………. he laughed!)

Altogether, a busy , full day out. We diverted off the A49 on the way back just to witness Ludlow for a second time. In Shawbury, we could have visited the well known “Gastro” pub but my wife insisted on Fish and Chips in the campervan. Oh it’s just a perfect day…………… (Think how much dosh I saved on that “Gastro” pub dinner!)


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