Back to reviewing the Scottish Trip. Day five.Monday 5th October.

15 Oct

inverarary gunsinverary castle

A visit to Inverarary Castle. A great place. The seat of the Dukes of Argyll.
Notables who stood out for very different reasons. One Duke who was Governor General of Canada. Interesting for me due to my family origins.
The other was “Naughty George” who sired at least 27 illegitimate children and gambled away a lot of the Clan Campbell fortune, later recouped by a younger , more sensible brother.

Highly recommended. Lovely driving roads, if somewhat narrow bewteen Lochgoilhead and Loch Fyne. Super deli , brewery and meat shops to visit close to Loch Fyne, home of the famous Oysters.
Spent quite a bit ! Having the campervan and fridge allowed me to nick all the leftover local cheeses !

Enough musketry for a whole army of Campbells !

inverarary castle german camperinverarary castle german camper 2

On the car park a pair of 4 x 4s from Germany. One , an extreme off road campervan, the other a massive ATV equipped with camping equipment. Logos announced “Tour of Scotland 2015”. What a fun thing to do!

loch fyne deliloch-fyne brewery

I had worn myself out by “submarine” spotting for most of the night previously. (I am just a big kid at heart after all.) and so in the afternoon we returned to Rhumhor for a rest.


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