Scottish Trip. day two. Penrith to Troon.

11 Oct

edenhall chickens

After a peaceful night. We watched the Edenhall chickens scoff some grain and then march to their secluded section of the gardens.

After an excellent breakfast at Edenhall Country Hotel, we took our time to drive to Troon. Had lunch in the Kampa and left the motorway to take the tourist trail away from the motorway towards Ayr. We passed the Devil’s Porridge Museum on the way. The mind boggles!

The Old Loans Inn had a very smart, large room, a jacuzzi bath, wi-fi and TV. We arrived early enough to properly relax prior to meeting our guests.
We first met Martin and Libby when visiting Drivelodge. Drivelodge had put together both of our campervans. Ours, the Nissan NV200, theirs, a Citroen Berlingo. Following our brief meeting near Keighley, this delighful couple have become one of the major contributors to the Blog!
We met with Martin and Libby for dinner at the hotel , right on time and they arrived bearing a very generous gift of my favourite malt whisky. A very pleasant evening was had. We had loads and loads in common. Caravanning ( both having owned Freedom Microlites), campervans (obviously), Citroen 2CVs, an independent view to earning a living and motorcycling to name just a few!
If nothing else, our Blog has been worthwhile just to make these new friends. An evening of laughter!


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