A complete diversion from topic

13 Sep


Recently , in Cornwall , I had one of the best fisherman’s platters I have ever tasted. The Norway Inn , between Truro and Falmouth. So today, having a rare day at home, I thought that I would try to recapture some of that seafood flavour experience. I hope that you forgive my being completely off topic. It has little to do with campervans but it could be part be part of where holidaying leads you. If you have been to Spain, I’ll wager that you have tried paella. In my view, if you like seafood you will probably enjoy Paella. I hope yoou enjoy a version of my recipe. That’s not mine above. There are many many different ways to achieve a tasty dish. I have a few controversial hints for you , but trust me they work.



Chicken breasts. Allow a small one per person.

Chirizo. I used some from central France but usually I use that from Lidl or Aldi, you need about a three  inch piece for two people.

Onion. Red is nice but not essential. One small onion per person.

A length of celery is enough for two people. It acts as a natural flavour enhancer.

Quarter pieces of red , yellow and green bell peppers. If you like them.

Diced mushrooms. Three to four per person

A cup of sweet white wine. I use cheap German wine from Lidl.

Rice. Either two thirds of a cup of long grain or (what????) a pack of microwave rice which will cater for two persons. (The latter is much quicker and tastes just fine!)

Chicken stock, gel type in a little pod.


Crayfish tails from the chiller in Aldi or Lidl and/or  Large peeled pre-cooked Prawns.

A jar of pickled mussels and essentially for a deep seafood flavour, a jar of pickled cockles. B&M have these but Sainsbury will have them.

Smoked paprika . sainsbury do a great version but can be bought elsewhere. Two heaped teaspoons to colour the rice.

Garlic. I use a teaspoon, powdered from a jar. Told you it was controversial………

METHOD:    Brown pieces of chicken in garlic and olive oil with a little butter then put to one side.

Fry off the finely sliced onion, then the mushroom , peppers and celery with chopped chorizo. Put to one side. If you use dry rice, coat it thoroughly with some more oil then add the wine, chicken stock gel and a cup of boiling water. It will take quite a time to cook the rice. Add the chicken, paprika and other ingredients and keep watch until the rice is cooked and the sauce reduced. To save time, use microwaved rice. A 200gm pack feeds two people. Cook as per pack instructions and add the wine wine, chicken gel stock and a splash of water. Reduce until the sauce is thickened.

When you are happy with the rice, you can serve the dish as is for those not liking seafood. Then add the drained seafoods to the remainder and heat thoroughly.

You can add a few garden peas if you like. Serve with slices of lemon and some parsley if you have some. I hope that you enjoy this first recipe!





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