Outline plans for Autumn

27 Aug

Loch Goil and the Arrochar Alps

We received a wonderful gift of a week in accomodation adjacent to Loch Goil in the Trossachs, Scotland! We are taking the opportunity to extend our stay a little by using the Kampa on campsites nearby. Got some decent walking boots yesterday and the campervan is still clean from the trip to London. Taking the bikes on the towbar of the Kampa. Our other co-visitors will hire bikes up there.

I could not resist showing this cross section of nearby Loch Lomond. It is simply awe inspiring in my eyes !


Do NOT drop your keys in Loch Lomond !

Where else then (as if this brilliant destination is not enough……..) ??? Well there is the Tour of Britain cycle race in September. Hoping to stay out overnight in between “chasing” the event , day to day. We used to do this when following the old Lombard RAC Rally years ago. A lovely way to spend some Autumn (late Summer?? )  leisure time.


A previous Tour of Britain. We have two more aspirational destinations to cram in :

Anglesey_Holiday_Mapcornwall and devon

All being well, we should also be heading for a short camping trip to Angelsey and a longer break in Devon and Cornwall. After such a very busy but enjoyable few weeks, it will be lovely to get back into the swing of travelling around, just for fun.


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