A new van for an experienced compact full timer

13 Aug

3 NV200 CHILLING IN THE FIELD MODE This is SteveG with his recently purchased NV200 , called “Mevan” which Sussex Campervans put together for him. He has full timed in small campervan, which in my mind gives him a lot of credibility. Just look what he crammed into that one.spring cleaning my old van

2 NV200 AND ITS MATE NEXT DOOR This photo shows the size comparison with a VW Transporter particularly well.


6 NV200 AND ITS AMAZING SAT NAV SYSTEM The mother of all Sat Dishes. That would upset the “Jones’ ” on a Caravan Club site. Keep up with this one…………………

1 NV200 IN STEALTH MODE In the words of another wild camper, Grey can be much better in stealth mode ! SteveG thinks so too !! Here’s what he had to say:

Cheers Dinkum – Everyone likes to show off their new toys – so here’s a few shots from the first 4 days of ownership (pick it up from Sussex and went straight on the road and spent three days and two nights in the van – mainly to try and sort out any snags and problems there may have been before we drove back up from the south coast to North Yorkshire)

Think a site like yours is invaluable source of reference for anyone thing of buying a small van – which is for most people a big financial outlay – I certainly wanted to gather as much info about the NV200 before I committed – I have had a small van before – I sold my previous house and bought a ex-crew-bus (picture attached) and lived in it, full time, for two years during a big mountaineering/hill bagging trip I was doing – life was so simple – all you needed was fuel and water for you and the van – oops – sorry I was drifting off there !  – but the scariest time of that trip was having to get your house MOT’ed !!! – Quote…”If you fail it – I’m living on your forecourt !!!”

The Sussex Campavan conversion is great – they did need a bit of a prod and a poke here and there to get the van exactly how we wanted, but one of the main reason behind this was us trying to get the “perfect” bespoke build done from over three hundred miles away

“MeVan”, as we now call him, will be used every weekend and holiday for away trips all over the country and Europe but will also be my day to day vehicle as well – so the size, ease of drive and economy where a major factor in picking the NV200 to drive to work in – It has done an average of 46mpg during its first 600 miles of life – with me driving a nice mixture steep narrow country lanes “darn sarf” and blasting up the motorway at 70+ to get home – but the people at Nissan assure me the mpg will improve by at least 10mpg once the new vehicle/engine has been run in and settles down

Cheers for noo – happy camping – and enjoy the rest of the….errrrr – “summer” ???



Off up to Northumberland this weekend to test out just how waterproof the roof is ! – watch this space 😉

Thanks for a brilliant contribution SteveG ! I have a couple of others awaiting processing, including some videos from Martin and some questions to answer about fitting a grill betwixt sink and fridge. Trying to get round to it all, promise ! 

I have been getting from 43 mpg running around on short local runs, through around 53/54 mpg on longer runs in the lanes and on A roads, which is most days. Today,  we got an excellent 59 mpg on a long trek South. The new Michelin’s don’t seem to have hit economy too hard !


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