A flurry of interest in the Blog. A few facts revisited.

1 Aug

DCFC0003.JPGdrivelodgeRecently received several requests for information about the conversion, which was done by Drivelodge, near Keighley. Almost all the info can be found in the archives but it can be a pain to search. So he is some info reposted. That’s a Drivelodge pop top roof example above.

propex heatergaslow 6kg refillable cylindersmev gas hob and basinThe Drivelodge Nevada is fitted with a Gaslow refillable bottle with a filler in the offside body wall of the van. You can check the gas level via an inspection panel in the rear offside cupboard. There is no hot water but there is a super efficient gas powered blown air heating system which works well on the coldest days of winter even with the roof popped up. There is a 13 litre capacity cold water bottle which operates when the tap is opened on the Smeg stainless steel sink, next to the twin burner gas hob Shown here.

elyboatchandler waeco cr-50The f ridge/freezer is a Vitrifrigo. A 12v only, compressor unit, it will fit the narrower (than a VW type) side cupboards. It is both quiet and efficient, easily freezing ice cubes or freezer blocks for the chiller which we also carry. It was sourced and supplied by Drivelodge.

DCFC0011.JPGThe Nissan dealer fitted a tow bar for us to the new base vehicle. They also supplied the van with rear door, black security glass , wiper and washer system for a bargain £125 at the time! I also got a massive discount from Nissan following a sales drive by them. We use a Thule bike carrier which will take up to 3 bikes. Drivelodge fitted the other glass as part of the conversion.

DCFC0058.JPGporta pottiOur porta potti is similar to this example. We solved the 24 hour access issue (it’s under the bed) by purchasing both a female and a male urine bottle. Simples!  Drivelodge did offer to sort out a revamped bed and frame for us which was most generous but it was just easier to adapt to circumstance.

drivelodge work in progressdrivelodge work in progress twodrivelodge bed oneDrivelodge did a great job interpreting our very basic design sketch into a well “screwed” together unit. Nothing has come undone or worked loose!

DCFC0001.JPGlugbuy com blinds

The cab seats both swivel. Drivelodge sorted this for us and fitted their own bed/seat design with loads of storage underneath. We spotted these Chinese blinds but failed when we tried to buy some!

The whole lot, including the high spec SE van, new, plus conversion etc etc came to £26,500 or thereabouts. It’ s got to be worth as much as a Lunar Vacanza, say £32,000 plus. Was it worth it? Oh yes! Every penny!

Thanks especially to Ryan  and Mel for their query. If you want to see an Adventurer’s camper blog visit theirs at  http://www.doyourdream.co.uk

The pop top does not have to up for sleeping or eating. It’s more pleasant if it’s up for cooking or washing but it can be a big advantage for bad weather, dodgy areas or wild camping. If you were travelling full time, then a bigger fresh water tank and a waste water tank would be better. Comments always welcome and it helps if you put them on the most recent posting. Thanks! Here’s the finished Kampa



One Response to “A flurry of interest in the Blog. A few facts revisited.”

  1. ryan and mel August 1, 2015 at 8:29 pm #

    Cheers for that – very interesting.
    Looking at yours, may we ask some questions?
    1 – Do you turn the gas on/off each time you move the van? If the access is at the rear, that’s a pain if you have bikes on?
    2 – You have “rear” windows? We were thinking of a taller cupboard there to maximise storage rather than rear rear windows?
    3 – Mel would want a grill – so need to see 🙂 May I ask, how much space is there above the fridge to the worktop level? And how much worktop length” from the front to where the side door ends? (e.g. if we had a high cupboard in the back, could we still fit a small sink and the hob/grill.
    4 – What do you do with water waste?

    We have the same space heater in our van, but note they do a +E version as well…

    Of course, we want a full shower, but we have to be real! also would want more fresh water – need to see underneath to see how sussex motorhomes fit their tank, and hopefully its a cak tanks stock item 🙂

    Having toilet access overnight would be mandatory.

    If we do one, it’d be DIY – ish , but get cupboards, roof and bed made/supplied as they are beyond me. Thanks for your price – and yes – I think you have better than the Lunar (which we’ve ruled out for a few reasons) My neighbour is a auto-trimmer which is useful!

    If you ever pass, do let us know. And thanks again for putting everything in one place

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