Two Beautiful Houses south of Birmingham

29 Jul


Another great day out today. This could easily be a French Chateau. It isn’t. It’s Baddesley Clinton House not far from Solihull. A Tudor home used for more than 500 years. A retreat for hidden Catholic Priests at times. A beautiful atmospheric pile. If you have not visited, then I recommend that you do. The guides were brilliant! Some interesting and at times risqué stories! The flower garden shown above, sits within the house surrounded by the moat. We were there a long time talking and laughing with the guides. We hopped back into the Kampa and drove the couple of miles to catch the last two hours of opening at Packwood House.

Packwood_House)packwood great hall

Packwood House and the Great Hall. A great deal of conversion was carried out in the 1930s to “restore” this originally Tudor house with “mock” Tudor additions using original materials salvaged from other properties. My description does not do justice to the place and before I got there, I was a little put off by a similar description that I had read. Don’t be! Based around a genuine Tudor house it’s another National Trust gem. The embroidered tapestries hanging on the walls again are very like those to be found across the channel. Again the guides were well informed and fascinating to talk to. A very memorable day out in the Kampa.


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