France….. this month? No chance.

25 Jul

acton burnell castle 3DCFC0055.JPGcambrian antiques

We left it too late to catch the Tour de France this year. We did not like the look of the delays at the Channel either and the last minute crossings were very expensive and mostly unsociable hours. Instead we went out every day this week doing what we do for fun. National Trust visits, Antique hunting and light lunching in the Kampa. Had a great week , even with a bit of cloud and some rain. Next week we may be staying out overnight and travelling a little further. We even visited the old Don Amott’s caravan and motorhome sales place at Hilton, off the A50. I remember when it was called Eggington Junction ! The family bought a continental doored Ace caravan a long time ago.  Had a quick look at a Going Go-Pod , a MWB Symbol and a LWB Mondial “universal van conversion” and a huge panel van conversion from Lunar on an automatic Merc costing just under £70,000 …. Lovely but far too long for comfort in use for me !

ferry queue Could not face up to any of this! Time to re-group for August onwards!


2 Responses to “France….. this month? No chance.”

  1. mrtc July 27, 2015 at 8:57 am #

    Hi, ive been following this page for a while. Id love a nv200 but funds wont allow. Have you heard of the amdro boot jump for the berlingo type vehicle.
    I know its abit basic but it seems good value.

    Any advice you could give would be great thanks. P.s i love your camper. I cant help but feel jelous when i see it in the village

    • Dinkum July 27, 2015 at 5:30 pm #

      Thanks for commenting! I had not seen the amdro kit but it looks like a great idea to me! You can lift it in and out and still use the van normally when not in use. The space looks useable for a picnic lunch and with an awning, it’s not totally dependant on the weather. If you are handy with joinery it may be possible to knock up your own version and save money. I will give you a guided tour if you spot me cleaning the Kampa! Second hand NV200’s are coming down in price and loads of people are in touch with me via the Blog doing self build camper conversions. Some very simple and some all singing, all dancing.

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