A pleasant delay-free drive home

17 Jul

A55 tunnel

We took the A55 North Wales coast road home. It paid off this time. Avoiding delays on the A5 and at Whitchurch. The picture shows the West bound tunnel in Colwyn Bay. We had great views of the just offshore wind farm. Some feats of Engineering to be seen for sure!


We did have just a couple of incidents of my favourite hate: tailgating by truckers. Not too bad so on a lighter note here’s a tongue in cheek poke at those who have no idea of stopping distances. ( Tailgating in the USA refers also to picnics ,using the tailgate on the back of your massive Pick up truck as a table.) Here, I refer to drivers following dangerously close to the back of the vehicle in front.


This made me smile! I could not bring myself to list seven secrets so I will leave that to your own imagination!




2 Responses to “A pleasant delay-free drive home”

  1. Tim and Angela July 17, 2015 at 9:10 pm #

    Good to hear you had a relatively trouble free drive along the A55. We did also but found traffic down the A 41 very heavy. Before setting off we called in at Benllech beach and then spent the afternoon at Penrhyn Castle.
    Tim and Angela – QR spotters

    • Dinkum July 18, 2015 at 2:21 pm #

      Welcome to the Blog and thanks for your comments here and below! The M6 was pretty clear Southbound to J16. Hope you enjoy your beer and cider! Please keep in touch and let us know where the Autocruise takes you.

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