A day on top of South Stack, Holyhead

16 Jul

flaming juneanglesey south stack

Following another chilly night despite new PJ’s bought yesterday at Asda, Llangefni, the weather dawned very hot and sunny once more today. We had the obligatory Antiques quest close to Pentreath.( I think my wife thinks that we still have the Trigano Tribute and/or the ‘Bago to stuff full of wood wormy timber products!).  We took the bikes with us , as I thought we may get chance to cycle at Newborough again but it proved too hot and humid. We had a light lunch in the campervan at the visiter centre car park. I had a bit of fun feeding a couple of gulls and a black bird some cooked burgers I had stashed, Yogi Bear style in the cooler. “What’s in the Pic a Nic basket Yogi ?” . “Vension and Lamb burgers past their use by date Boo Boo.”  Can gulls get food poisoning ?????? The birds really enjoyed the gourmet snack. I got the usual ribbing from my long suffering wife. All this and I had only been drinking ice cold Tonic water ! You should see the fun and games I have with the giant Toads at Lac de Maine (Angers, France) after I have had a glass of red and perhaps a “1664” or two. (No driving, no public roads and cycle access only! I stress.)  They seem to like a squirt from a plastic drinking bottle. Sets ’em off “ribbetting” a treat!

We are not amused

We are not amused


2 Responses to “A day on top of South Stack, Holyhead”

  1. Tim July 16, 2015 at 8:18 pm #

    Yes our day started hot but rained on us at Newborough later. We have admired your smart little vav from the pitch nextdoor to you on Cae Mawr.

    • Dinkum July 18, 2015 at 2:24 pm #

      Thanks Tim , now back home considering some mods to the caravan seating and the bike rack strengthening in time for French trip if ferry strikes allow!

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