I may have tempted fate in my previous posting………

14 Jul

plastic deformation

Got into a huge tailback on the A49 where poorly managed roadworks at the Chester end of Whitchurch were causing unnecessary delays. Then several roadworks on the A5 with the odd raised ironwork, road “furniture” and ramps (bumps !). At a suitable point we stopped to check the bikes were still with us. They were but signs of parting company were evident. The very bumpy roads had taken their toll. Now, this is hard for an Engineer to admit….. but I appear to have misjudged the extra shock loading placed on the bike carrier and the steel channels to which it is attached when hitting bumps. The cross channel had very slightly deformed plastically. The load had been taken by the additional nylon cable ties and the bungee cords which I added as a safety measure. Glad that I did ! The bikes were removed and one went into the caravan and one onto the dust sheeted bed au Campervan ! Back to the drawing board ! I need extra sub-frame strengthening for the carrier before I use it again. Most embarrassed and red faced but I always said that I would write “warts and all.”

cable ties nylonbungee cords

No real risk was caused by this incident. I write tongue in cheek most of the time. The only damage was a snapped nylon cable tie. Oh….. and my pride !!!!!!! The concept itself remains. It’s great having the bikes with us , the Microlite and the Campervan, plus the sun has come out with a vengeance!


One Response to “I may have tempted fate in my previous posting………”

  1. Martin mcdowall July 14, 2015 at 8:51 pm #

    As a short-term fix Duncan I would remove the cycle wheels , fit the frames on the microlite and attach on site. a small price to pay when you consider the extra load on the back of the microlite could unseat the body from the frame because, as you know, the grp body has no load or stress bearing characteristics.
    still looking for a bailey 430/4, but will keep you posted. Enjoy your trip and stay safe! Martin.

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