Not long now until we can enjoy the Summer “Campervan Style”

26 Jun


Family commitments are keeping us very busy again. When guests are travelling thousands of miles to visit you cannot simply ignore those long delayed home repairs. So, in between hanging new light fittings, painting those things left in just the undercoat paint for far too long and other myriad chores……..  I gaze out over the front of the caravan and watch my beloved Nissan campervan waiting patiently to be raised from restful slumber and point South towards sunnier Continental lands.


This is what it’s worth waiting for. A folding barbeque, bikes loaded and dreaming of turkey steaks and wine from Carrefour, frites from the campsite bar ( perhaps an extra chilled Leffe Brune beer whilst waiting in the bar) and plenty of exercise in the sun. Getting my son to house sit. No shortage of volunteers as they all know about the booze in the cellar and my poor stock keeping ! That is one joy of having a campervan. Anticipation of good times ahead ! In France, small things add up to much greater pleasures. A fresh baguette. Tomatoes that smell like they used to do , some local cheese and a small glass of red. At the side of a quiet road where all that can be heard is a tractor 12 km away and insects lazily buzzing in the shady wood. Can’t wait ! (Well actually I can. I have to……..) But  For

waiting still    Once the domestic jobs are done, I still have to connect the lighting board wiring and fit new tyres but almost prepared for trek South. Then when we get back, we still have enough Summer left for more UK adventures. Watch this space.


One Response to “Not long now until we can enjoy the Summer “Campervan Style””

  1. Martin mcdowall June 27, 2015 at 9:42 am #

    Have a good one Duncan. Cheers from bonnie Loch Lomond.

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