Shropshire and Welsh Borders visit

22 Jun

cambrian-railway-museumcambrian antiques

Day out today to Oswestry and Wrexham. Visited the  Cambrian Antiques centre next door to the Cambrian Railway Museum. The day started showery and cloudy but at Ellesmere Lake the sky was blue and the waters took on the colour of the sky. Highly recommended.

ellesmere lake shropshire

We allowed the sat nav to show us some “short cuts” and got to see some stunning Shropshire and Welsh countryside and villages. The border here is very convoluted to say the least. The facilities in the Kampa really came into their own today but we cheated by buying lunch from a Morrisons at Wrexham. We also visited Bryn Y Grog Antiques at Wrexham. We returned home tired but pleased with some plant holders for  the old walls of our cottage and my wife delighted with some French lace curtains big enough for a pair of double French doors. She is an absolute bargain hunter but always pays what is asked. In this case £3.00 , yes £3.00  The unit at the emporium was closing and a clearance sale was ongoing. Found some lovely new tarmac on the A525 west of Woore. The Kumhos behaved like “hot” racing slicks. Fifty mph can feel sooooooo good on a snaking summer road!!!!

bryn y grog antiques wrexham Bryn Y Grog: like your loft, only bigger !!!!!!!!


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