Progress with Bike Rack and an Australian Teardrop caravan

16 Jun

gidget teardrop pulloutGidget-teardrop-brochure A friend sent me the link to this very innovative teardrop caravan. It’s described as Retro due to the apparent historical use of these type of camping trailers in it’s homeland Oz. Not one for us because of the outdoor (or under awning kitchen) but it’s got to be of great interest for the tent/camping fans. I certainly find it a most interesting use of such a small footprint. Have a look at the selection of videos on YouTube. From about 18,000 Oz dollars. see     (sorry , it’s a cut and paste job.

Gidget seem to be continually developing the design and there are smaller, lighter, motorbike , trike and smallcar versions in progress. Anyonae imported one or planning to do so??????? IMG_0403IMG_0404 Got back from London and the tow ball had arrived from Ebay. Bought an aluminium spacer and longer bolts then fitted it on the back of the Microlight. The bike rack has less tolerance in the vertical plane than I remembered and the spacing needed to be spot-on for a nice fit. The padded support bar sits perfectly against the strong, timber re-inforced body moulding to which the pull handles are fastened. Deflection is minimal and seems no different to that when the carrier is on the Kampa hitch. May go the whole belts and braces route and instal brackets to pick up and secure the support bar. It will help reduce rubbing on the gel coat of the caravan. Still got to wire up for a lighting board which is not as simple as first thought but it will be worthwhile to keep it all legal.


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