Hitch carrier made and fitted to Caravan chassis

5 Jun

, freedom microlite cycle carrier

Still awaiting delivery of a new tow ball and bolts which should have arrived by now. Got the bracket welded up by PJW in Stoke-on-Trent for a fair price of £15.00. Put two coats of  Aldi metal paint over a 48 hour period. This gave a super high gloss finish. Very impressed and easier to use than Hammerite. Marked out the mounting holes and centre punched. I needed a new 18mm diameter drill bit. These varied in price from a hefty £16 odd to an extortionate £51.00. Drilled the holes going up in 3 stages from 4 mm via 12mm and finally 18mm for a snag free job. The chassis is about 3mm section channel and strongly designed. I used very large 3mm washers behind the HT m16 caravan hitch bolts. There is virtually no flexing visible when trying to “wag” the hitch bracket but needs checking again when completed. Thus far, the job looks good. Where’s that postman. Sorry ! Post person. On a different topic, I have just fitted a second dash cam on the rear window of the camper van. It’s a later version of the one facing forward in the cab. Let’s reveal those tailgaters! Cheap insurance in my opinion. We have a wish list of about 10 places to visit with the bikes once we have sorted the carrier. Really looking forward to getting back to our old pastime.

This evening, a gentleman knocked on the door. He is about the 8th caller trying to buy the caravan!


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