More alternative caravans and carrying bikes when towing.

30 May

trigano silver 270trigano silver mini 290fiamma bike carrier

The Trigano Silver Mini 290 can have a shower fitted from new. The even smaller 270 version has no shower but comes with a huge rear door so that you can carry bikes or a variety of objects subject to the weight limits. You could probably convert the 270 with an in-floor shower tray as described in the post below of 26th May. For bike carrying you can buy many different carriers. There is not enough space to carry bikes on the back of the Kampa when towing due to interference with the front of the caravan. We did see a couple of small caravans on our trip to Cornwall which had bikes on the rear of the caravan. A quick look under our Microlite shows a cross member and an almost central spine member crying out for a tow ball to be bolted to the back of the caravan. This would take our Thule towball mounted carrier. With our existing number plate board we would be geared up. Balance the nose weight and as we travel lean and mean (ish !!!) this should not be an issue.

thule bike rackOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMuch more convenient to have own bikes with us. Correctly adjusted seats and handlebars etc.  We can cycle until it goes dark without worrying about returning hired cycles to the rental cabin.

predom n126 train top_gear_caravan_train

That’s a Freedom Jetstream above with a smart rear carrier. This Vee Dub fan is brave enough to fit a tow ball to at least one Predom N126 ( Freedom Microlite) and tow a mini train ! Tow this with a Campervan and you could have a suite of rooms with you. Fixed bed, huge shower room, kitchen, lounge ……….. How much torque to do you have? How far would you get before getting pulled by the “feds”? Better than Top Gear’s railway caravan train in my opinion. I do like a bit of a nutter!


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