What’s on in June?

29 May

flaming junelondon in summer I can hardly believe it that it’s almost June. At some point we are taking the Kampa , solo, into London for family events. The NV200 is small enough not to create any concerns about driving, even in Central London. We rarely stray into the congestion zone and lucky enough to be able to park right where we stay. Then it’s regrouping for a trek to France in July. Don’t think that we shall be following the Tour de France cycle race this year as the route fairly swiftly heads South following the start in Belgium. We would not be able to actually be there that early in the month. tour de france old 1 The route and destinations are not yet set for the trip to France, so more on this later. There’s certainly no shortage of possible places to visit. We still have not retraced a life changing visit we made way back in 1986. These next two, planned trips away could not really be more different. London, an intense, City experience, visiting lots of Museums, Galleries and places of interest (avoiding anything too commercial) with perhaps a show or Theatre trip thrown in? France, a leisurely meander from place to place, Bar B Q at the ready and trying not to drink too much alcohol. Hoping for sun but a cool breeze always welcome. Got to sort out how to take our own bikes. Better get busy……..pam gorgeous in france France 1986. Zut Alors!

Oh ! and today we met an elderly Gent on a supermarket car park. He told us that he had recently swapped his campervan for a rather expensive looking  4 x 4 euro wagen and now regretted it badly. He said that the NV200 would be ideal for him and where could he buy one like ours. I verbally gave him some info but impatient customers wishing to park cut our chat short. So I circled around and re-parked. I left written info for him under his wiper blade. Good Hunting if you are reading this old chap!


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