Just returned from a week at St. Agnes, The Beacon Caravan Club site

24 May

IMG_0342rainbow the beaconIMG_0338

Had a most enjoyable week away. The Beacon is the Caravan Club’s oldest site, I believe. It has no showerblock or toilets but the location is quiet and atmospheric. There is lots to write about, so here is just a taste of what’s to come.

In Perranporth we spotted this VW Synchro Crew Cab with a back pack camping pod. I wanted to start restoring it, on the spot, but got dragged away (eventually !) by my wife. This “Globe” traveller was fitted with a river breathing snorkel, 4 x 4 obviously and had a huge ground clearance for those “let us drive across the alligator-strewn riverbed moments which we all have. (we do don’t we… not just me?)

The centre pic above shows that there really is a Caravan at the end of the rainbow. The third pic is just one of three National Trust properties which we visited during our week away. In the garden here, my eagle eyed wife spotted a beautiful young cat , scoffing something it had just caught in the wildflower section. As soon as that was eaten, the cat immediately began scouring for it’s next prey. A prolific hunter no doubt!

grouse the beaconIMG_0340 IMG_0368

Sitting with a cuppa on-site, we heard the sound of what could surely only be, a veteran car horn? Then a wrapping, drumming and thudding of a Tom Tom drum? No it was, what turned out to be, a very tame and chubby, Grouse inspecting the Kampa. Obviously it has good taste too, if you will excuse the pun! The centre pic just provides evidence that we visited Holywell Bay. Two of our neighbours’ families have holidayed there in the last few weeks. You have to have something to talk about at our weekly get togethers over a drink.

Enlarge the pic on the right to zoom in. It shows the 76 th Birthday celebration fly past by Sea King helicopters from Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Culdrose. Sadly it marks the end of this fine establishment. More in a later post. We were standing on the cliff top at Wheal Coates adjacent to the campsite.



You will need to enlarge the left hand photo. It shows a kit car, rather like an MG TF ? towing a bijou caravan. I tried desperately to reach the gentleman before he left the motorway services but sadly did not make it in time. We later passed him heading North up the M5. There was a 60 mile tailback on the Southbound side heading into bank holiday weekend Cornwall. Yes ! Sixty miles of stop start traffic!

The other pic shows our outfit at a comfort break close to the Devon/Cornwall border not far from the River Tamar and town of Liftondown. There is one place called Broadwoodwidger. I am struggling not to make further comment………..


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