Some more pictures from Cape St Vincent, Portugal

7 May

photo 4 One of our most frequent and well respected, contributors pictured in front of a matching pair of Panel Van conversions at the most Westerly point in Europe. Loads of French visitors again reported. photo 3 Another picture of our perfectly proportioned friend sitting on a giant chair outside the visitor centre. Before you write in, Daz, I know that “Dinkum” does indeed resemble this scale when sitting on a normal dining room chair………   That’s why we are so very comfy in our Microlite with the Pop Top Down………… photo 5 This “overlander” almost certainly provides for a huge habitation space. A good DIY-er can put together a super low cost motorhome using a 7 1/2 tonner  if you can cope with the “new age traveller” image. Not sure how well received you would be on some Caravan Club sites that we have experienced! I love the “Ice Cold in Alex” feel to it ! But, each to his own. One of the pleasures of using a campervan is the travelling itself. I enjoy driving and I think that it would be great fun to cruise down across France and Spain to Portugal. Seeing the sights. Stopping for lunch with the roof up and a sunny picnic, calling at village shops and trying new foods as you go. Not to mention the wines , beers and local liqueurs as you go. Pitch up early and relaxing for the evening. Swapping stories with fellow travellers (that want to “mix”. Some don’t and that’s OK too !). Being retired helps and allows this type of travel. We should count our blessings and enjoy!


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