What turned you towards Camper vanning?

2 May

summer holidaygypsy-caravan

I am old enough to remember a super TV series called “Out of Town”. Featuring the late, great, Jack Hargreaves, week by week you would be shown the old country crafts and ways of farming and nature. In some footage, Jack is featured, either walking with a pack horse, riding in a 2 wheeled trap or travelling the green lanes in a gypsy caravan. The final shots at twilight of a kettle hanging over a log fire with Jack and his dog relaxing in the countryside just made me want to travel too.

We could not get away this weekend as my shoulder is not yet recovered from my accident so my thoughts are elsewhere. I hope that you enjoy reading.

Daniel at Sussex Campervans recently sent me footage of one of their early conversions the “Summer Holiday”. Inspired by Cliff Richard’s 1960s film of the same name, I too was motivated to travel by that naïve but fun , movie. Whilst growing up, our family holidays usually involved a tent, a caravan and/or a motorhome or campervan. We were once visited by a United States Army Sergeant, Bill Briggs. Stationed in Germany, where he met my father through the Boy Scouts’ Jamborees , before retiring back to the U.S., he toured Europe and the UK in his Winnebago Brave like this one:

winnebago brave  050719-M-1834M-001

Although quite ugly, this motorhome took Bill and some of his family all over England and beyond. It looked massive on the driveway of my parents’ small home. It all just fuelled the fire…………. I was smitten! Sergeant Briggs used to wear a hat similar to this shown above. He may have been a training or drill Sergeant in the Marines? Strike a cord with any readers out there?

Going to try to polish the rest of the caravan with my left hand. I would give my right arm to be ambidextrous………………  (sorry !)  Please feel free to send in your memories and why you are a fellow “camper”.

ps   we currently await news of completion of at least 4 x NV200 conversions with photos promised from some very pleasant blog followers. Really looking forward to passing on their experiences.




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