A small setback. A fall from grace……..

28 Apr


When we recently returned from Anglesey, I realised just how grubby the Kamper and caravan were. Normally, before we head off for the first time in Spring,  I give the outfit a good waxing. The caravan may be 19 years old, but that’s no excuse for a lack of cleanliness and pride in your kit. Gave both units a good wash waxing but the caravan shine was lacking. I think that this was due to waxing and polishing it late last season in too much sun. A “bloom” had formed so it was out with the paint renovator chemical and a lot of rubbing rags. Yesterday, I re-polished the complete nearside of the caravan. Today, I “went for” the roof, working from a huge set of aluminium stepladders but struggling a little to reach the centreline of the roof. I had almost completed the job but got distracted, lost my grip and fell full length onto my back on the slate chippings. Totally winded and pain shooting through my bashed elbow and shoulder, I crawled inside the house. Eventually my other half heard my shouts for help and we got sorted out. Cleaning postponed……

wile e coyote

It was chilly and I was wearing a padded winter work jacket. “Luckily”, that , coupled with plenty of  self generated , internal, “Bio Padding”  helped prevent broken ribs and suchlike. A wake up call though to be more careful in the future. Glad that I didn’t bash my head on the wall, the railings (!) or one of the cobbles used as gate stops……………..


One Response to “A small setback. A fall from grace……..”

  1. Martin mcdowall April 28, 2015 at 6:18 pm #

    Ouch Duncan. That’s the kind of stunt Martin would pull. You pair need to realise that you are getting older and not as agile as you were! Not so much James Bond, more like Brook Bond!!! Hope you are okay. Libby (and Martin) xx

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